Procrastination the Rival of Progress


Procrastination, the Rival of Progress

Have you ever battled with this?

Starting your day with a whole heap of things to do & then somehow finishing it no better then you started.

Even when you are working hard it can feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.. 

For me this was something I always struggled with and at times I still do, so “Stopped” is probably a strong word. 

More like “Significantly Reduced” but we won’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

And we won’t debate over whether this is a good story either.. 

🗝 Lately I have been having more productive days then ever.. & there are a few tricks that I have found to be the KEY!

🌅 Become an Early Riser
I have a far more productive day when I wake up early. Its no coincidence, early mornings have less distractions. 

🏊‍♂️ Try to Exercise Daily
I have started waking up and going for a swim/run everyday which gives me more clarity when I’m working & more energy to get through my day. 

📝 Plan Out Your Day
I have always used ‘To-Do-Lists’ but I’ve found that without a time factor, these lists can become inefficient. I now focus on scheduling out my day allocating specific times for each task. 

😩 Start Hard Tasks First
There’s always that one job that gets put to the side collecting dust. If you have some work like this that you know a nuisance do this before anything else. Get it out of the way so you don’t have to worry about it anymore

☕️ Take a Break
If you find yourself drifting off or maybe like me you have been staring at the same report for an hour and only written two words it may be time for you to take 5 mins to clear the head

🤔 Don’t Overthink It
I would spend hours worrying about wording, using an online thesaurus to get the best synonym for a letter that should have only taken me 20 minutes to write. Now I’m not saying you have to sacrifice quality, but you have to be aware when you are simply perfecting, as this isn’t productive.

🏝 Reward Yourself
Give yourself a small reward for completing your days work. This could be as simple as 30 mins of a TV show or going for a swim at the beach. 

💡I hope that these ideas can help you improve your productivity as much as they have helped me!