Moving into the Cloud

Moving Your Business Into The Cloud

With the immense opportunities cloud computing has provided its no wonder so many businesses are making the switch from traditional desktop software and tedious excel spreadsheets to online accounting.

Organisations are seeing significant efficiency benefits from reduced data entry & administrative costs when switching their software to the cloud.

As a result businesses are finding staff have become far more productive in their roles with the clouds automation, accessibility and ease-of-use allowing workers to now complete their usual tasks a whole lot quicker.

This effectively frees up capacity for the business to take on extra work without having to hire extra staff.

So what are the benefits of Cloud Accounting?

There is a lot more flexibility around software packaging, allowing businesses to select the right fit in terms of price and capabilities. This provides the ability to scale the organisation up or down without any limitations.

The accessibility has also increased and businesses are no longer confined to their office computer to perform tasks. The cloud is completely mobile allowing users to log in when they are on the go from their phone, tablet or laptop.

Unlimited Users 
You no longer have to worry about log in errors from someone being logged in already or having to call an employee when they forget to log out. Now you can have as many people as you need accessing the file all at the same time!

Real-Time Decisions
Your Cloud Accounting Software has automatic bank feeds so your data is updated daily. You don’t have to wait for the bookkeeper to enter all your business transactions in. This means that at any point in time throughout the year your data can be useful in your decision making.

There is also the ability for collaboration with advisors in real time allowing business owners to discuss important financial decisions as they arise and not just at the end of the financial year, allowing them to make the most informed decisions in a timely manner. 

There are hundreds of different applications that link in with your Xero file. So you can benefit from using multiple cloud based applications and have them share information with your accounting file. This could include applications that focus on: Inventory, Workflow, Cashflow, Time-sheets, Invoicing, Storage & Loans.

It can be tricky when starting out to get this all set up, but once it’s all up and running you’ll never look back.

That’s where we come in, we can get you set up in the cloud and guide you along the way!