Lead Your Team Towards Your Business Goals!

It’s easy to think of where you would like to see your business in 5 or 10 years. What’s more difficult though is mapping out the objectives & communicating these to your team in a manner that will make your vision a reality.

Creating a culture where your workers support your objectives will give your business the best chance of reaching your goals.

So how do we make our workers share our vision?

We need to start by valuing our PEOPLE more then we value our PROFIT

It might sound backwards for an accountant to suggest that profit doesn’t come first but it’s your workers that are interacting with your customers and providing your services so it important they are being looked after. The irony is that investing in your workers will yield your business higher profits in the long run.

Be actively involved in your business, mentor your junior staff & provide encouragement to your team. Staying back after hours to help an employee learn a new procedure or giving credit to a worker for a good result will have them far more likely to go the extra mile to close that sale for you!

Make sure you always clearly communicate what you require off each team member. Don’t be afraid to delegate either, good leaders will provide their workers with added responsibility empowering them with a new sense of purpose.

Follow through on your commitments to build their trust. How often have you heard someone say ‘I’ll look into that’ and months later there has been no progress.

Be open to feedback from your workers. They are the ones performing the work and probably have a better idea of what is going well and what isn’t so being open to discuss any possible solutions will have employees believing their opinion matters.

Avoid penalising workers for not hitting their KPI’s. Focusing solely on the numbers may not be giving you the full picture as to why someone is underperforming. Are they finding a task difficult and need more training? Is something going on at home that’s causing their work to suffer?

Finally, be flexible! Plans will likely change & we need to be able to adapt when they do to stay focused on solutions.