Creating a Paperless Office

No one enjoys sorting through mountains of paperwork!! Try these tips to cut down the amount of paper in your business and create a more efficient workspace: 📦 Do away with the box’s full of old paperwork using online document management software. Both Google and Microsoft offer affordable, user friendly data storage packages. This willContinue reading “Creating a Paperless Office”

Incentivise for Improved Business Performance

What incentives are you using in your business to motivate and retain your staff?  Creating a positive work environment by incentivising your staff can be one of the quickest ways to increase individual productivity levels and improve your employee retention rate. You don’t have to break the budget with large cash bonuses either, non-cash benefitsContinue reading “Incentivise for Improved Business Performance”

Moving into the Cloud

Moving Your Business Into The Cloud With the immense opportunities cloud computing has provided its no wonder so many businesses are making the switch from traditional desktop software and tedious excel spreadsheets to online accounting. Organisations are seeing significant efficiency benefits from reduced data entry & administrative costs when switching their software to the cloud.Continue reading “Moving into the Cloud”