10 Tips To Lead Your Team Towards Your Business Goals!

10 Tips To Lead Your Team Towards Your Business Goals!

It’s easy to think of where you would like to see your business in 5 or 10 years. What’s more difficult though is mapping out the objectives & communicating these to your team in a manner that will make your vision a reality.

Creating a positive culture where your workers support your objectives will give your business the best chance of reaching your goals.

So how do we make our workers share our vision?

1) Start by valuing your PEOPLE more then you value your PROFIT

It might sound backwards for an accountant to suggest that profit doesn’t come first but it’s your workers that are interacting with your customers and providing your services so it makes sense to make sure they are being looked after. An employee focus is critical in ensuring the sustainability of your business. The irony is that investing in your workers will yield your business higher profits in the long run.

2) Be Actively Involved In Your Business!

Try not to take the back seat in your business. Greet your staff in the mornings, attend your teams meetings, put some hours in ‘on the tools’, mentor your junior staff and get to know your customers. This will do wonders for helping your workers believe in your business vision. Staying back after hours to help an employee learn a new procedure or giving credit to a worker for a good result will have them far more likely to go the extra mile to close that sale for you!

3) Clearly Communicate with your Team

Communication is vital for creating a productive workplace. It is the glue that will hold your vision and employees together as one. Effective communication will keep your employees happy at work so they can work to the best of their ability for you! It will also have a trickle down effect with employees communicating better among one another. To communicate effectively make sure that you are clear with your instructions, give step-by-step directions and be specific so that each employee understands exactly what you require off them. Changes to deadlines, processes, services, products or work arrangements are happening all the time and they need to be clearly communicated to keep everyone in the loop.

4) Set Business Performance Goals

What is it that you are trying to achieve with your business? Is the goal to open a new store by the end of the year? Expand into a New Market? Reach a certain Sales Target? Improve on Customer Service or Quality? Whatever your goal is let your team know about it. Put together a plan on how as a team you will be able to achieve this. Then review the progress in your monthly meetings.

5) Delegate Responsibility to Promising Staff

Don’t be afraid to delegate specific tasks to committed and skilled team members. Effective delegation is a great leadership trait that will provide workers with increased enthusuasum towards their work and your vision. Giving added responsibility to key workers empowers them with a new sense of purpose. They will feel valued, as though the work they do matters and that their role is important in helping you achieve the business goals.

6) Encourage Professional Development

Always make the effort to offer career development opportunities for your staff to build their knowledge and skills. Their growth will become an asset too you in the long run so don’t be concerned about any short term costs, think of it as an investment. If your holding back because you think that your staff might jump ship, I can assure you they will be far more likely to quit if they believe that their isn’t any room too grow in your business. Instead staff will be inclined to stand by your business and not check if the grass is greener if they are given enough opportunities.

7) Value Your Workers Feedback

You should be open to all types of feedback from your workers. Listen too any advice, criticism or general observations they have to offer. They are the ones performing the work and may have a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t then you do! Being open to their suggestions and discussing possible solutions will have employees believing you value their opinion. This will encourage a culture where staff are solutions focused and are not afraid to share new ideas.

8) Be Understanding & Show Compassion

We not to stop being so quick to penalise our workers for not hitting arbitrary KPI’s. Your Budget and Net Profit is important but focusing solely on the numbers your employees are putting out may not be giving you the full picture. There could be any number of reasons behind why someone is underperforming.. Are they finding a task difficult and need more training? Is something going on at home that’s causing their work to suffer? You don’t know if your just looking at a spreadsheet, so it’s important you take the time to talk with the employee showing compassion and support to identify the issue. Putting heads on the chopping block without truly understanding the situation will be demoralising for other staff and will reek havoc on your business culture as employees will feel as though they are nothing more then a number.

9) Follow through on your commitments

Holding yourself accountable to the promises you make will help you to build the trust of your employees. How often have you heard someone say “I’ll look into that” but then months later there is still no progress. It becomes tiring for workers listening to a manager who continuously talks about change but never follows through on it. This can be detrimental to their faith in you as a leader.

10) Finally, Be Flexible!

Flexibility is critical! Things won’t always go to plan and what you might expect to happen could change overnight. So you need to have the ability to adapt to changes when they occur. Always remaining focused on solutions, you may have to make compromises or adjust certain business processes to do so. Will you accommodate for an employee that has to take unexpected leave? What will you do if an important job will fall through if you don’t negotiate on your price? How will you handle a key supplier raising their prices?

Apply these values to your business today and I guarantee you will start seeing positive results very quickly!